Wide variety of sera

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We run courses for individuals in the field of serological identification of Salmonella.

Training is organized after individual arrangements.
Please contact Ms. Aleksandra Sikora:

e-mail: a.sikora@immunolab.com.pl,
phone: +48 (58) 781 44 91

Szybkie Testy Indetyfikacyjne

SIT kits allow you to:

  • carry out quick tests and identification based on ready-made schemes
  • effective inhibiton of dominant flagellar phases through the use of specially prepared inhibitory sera
  • culture the bacteria on a special semi-solid medium that enhances expression and development of flagellar antigens

The SIT Kits include sera, which are used for detailed identification of the required strains, as well as special semi-solid medium that enhances the development of flagella, what enables proper strain identification. In addition, you will also find in SIT Kits specially prepared inhibitory sera that are to be used to inhibit well-developed flagellar phase and induce poorly exposed antigenic phase of flagella.