Semi-solid medium by Garda

The semi-solid medium by Garda thanks to its composition allows for strong development of flagellar antigens of Salmonella.

In order to receive correct reaction of flagellar antigens H with anti-H sera there needs to be used a well-prepared semi-solid medium by Garda. This requires proper concentration of agar what is dependant on its crosslinking degree. For this reason, each lot of medium must be tested with reference strains of Salmonella.

The semi-solid medium by Garda is prepared from the certified ingredients and allows for culturing Salmonella with well-developed flagella. This is expressed in bacterial growth over the entire plate surface, what usually allows to determine the both phases of flagellar antigen of biphasic strains.

In order to inhibit strongly developed phase and induce underdeveloped phase, you can add to the medium a few drops of serum (6 drops per plate/petri dish – diameter of 5 cm) that gives a strong agglutination reaction with a tested strain.