Research and Development Laboratory


Based on modern methods of creating the company, the Research and Development Department of Salmonella Center IMMUNOLAB Ltd. recognizes the scientific research and development as a necessary condition for a steady increase in competitiveness and as well as means for providing our company a leading position among the biotech companies that produce biological products for health and veterinary services. In connection with the growing demands of the market, we constantly improve existing products, implement new technologies and research methods, as well as modernize laboratory equipment, which improves the work and favors maintaining of high quality standards. Research on improving the production process and implementation of new products are a vital part of our Department. The Research and Development Laboratory, established in the course of the Company’s business, combines the research efforts with the production potential and distribution capacity of the Company. Extensive knowledge and experience in the field of microbiology, bacteriology, chemistry and biotechnology are the key advantages of our Research and Development Laboratory and its achievements are the guarantee of our professionalism. As a result of our research we produce products that not only meet the high requirements of internal quality control, but also remain in compliance with the registration requirements. Since 2002, we introduced a microbiological medium (Semi-solid Medium by Garda), polyvalent sera for serological diagnosis of somatic antigens of Salmonella and an innovative vaccine “IMMUNOVAC” designed to prevent poultry infections caused by Salmonella. “IMMUNOVAC” vaccine currently has no match in both the Polish and the world market in terms of its effectiveness, safety and application methods.


  • We conduct basic and industrial research and development works focused on the commercialization of the results. Their effects are the implementation of new and improved products, services and technologies.
  • Undertaken research in bacteriology using molecular and immunochemical techniques fit in with the development strategy adopted by the management and together with an experienced and modern-oriented team constitute to the strengths of the company.
  • Paths to innovative solutions and selection of tools for their implementations are the results of analyzes and regular contacts with clients, so that our products were characterized by the best possible parameters. At the same time, in order to meet the diverse requirements of individual customer needs, we are constantly working on expanding our commercial offer.
  • In order to improve the health situation of people for specific zoonoses, we focus on research related to animal immunoprevention, including the development of new technologies for producing vaccines for the control of salmonellosis in animals and on the application of immunoglobulins from egg yolk in the prevention of bacterial infections. These actions are also a response to the requirements of the legislation of the European Union concerning the need to restrict the use of chemotherapeutic agents and methods of combating and elimination of pathogens from the environment.
  • Environment protection against the effects of infections caused by specific pathogens associated especially with their rapidly increasing resistance determines the need for innovative actions. The search for solutions for these priorities guides the profile of our R & D activities.
  • Gradually we are aiming to commercialize the results generated by our R&D work – this approach enables modernization of the product offer and encourages the dissemination of advanced technologies as well as overcomes development barriers in the field of innovation.

We remain open to individual customer needs and are willing to undertake cooperation in the broader Bio-Tech industry. Our research team recruits specialists in the field of biotechnology, immunology, chemistry, and veterinarians.


The Research and Development Department of Salmonella Center IMMUNOLAB Ltd. cooperates with the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. We maintain contacts with Gdansk Science and Technology Park, Universities and Research Facilities. We are a member of the Consultative Council Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG&MUG and a founding member of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology.
As a part of equal opportunities policy we organize internships for university graduates.